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Dr. Chuck Ervin
(304) 457 5484

Dancers, partiers, and guests at dinners, weddings, and other celebrations have a great time when Dr. Chuck entertains with exciting rhythms, lush harmonies, and favorite easy-listening melodies.

Music by Dr. Chuck satisfies the expectations of a wide variety of audiences with standard songs from the 40s to 90s, lively Latins, favorite country, swingin. big band, smooth jazz and jumpin. rock and roll.

Dr. Chuck.s sax and vocal numbers are accompanied by full-spectrum sounds of a Yahama Tyros digital keyboard/arranging station. An iPad transfers digital data to Bose Tower Speakers. The high-quality equipment is matched by great arrangements and discriminating selections, generating impressive sounds to match a full band of performers.

Please contact for availability.

Hear a sample now. Because the quality of the sound you hear will depend on the size and quality of your computer speakers, you may want to request a free sampler CD for a more realistic idea of Dr. Chuck's sound.

Request more information.
Saxophonist and Vocalist Dr. Chuck Ervin

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